We are parents of John Rex Elementary School who set up this website to share our concerns with the rest of the Rocket community.

As you may know, John W. Rex Charter Elementary is governed by a partnership of three entities: OKC Public Schools, OKC Quality Schools, Inc. (a private non-profit founded by Kirk Humphreys and others) and the University of Oklahoma (our charter sponsor).

On December 10, John Rex school board member Kirk Humphreys said on a TV show that homosexuality and pedophilia were morally equivalent. (To learn more about the entire discussion see What He Said). The story went national, and numerous civic leaders and members of the OKC Public School Board said he should no longer serve in public education (see Quotes). The backlash led to his resignation as an OU Regent on January 3, forcing his automatic resignation from the John Rex Board of Directors. However, John Rex’s by-laws allowed OKC Quality Schools, Inc., to reappoint Humphreys without a John Rex school board vote of approval, on January 15. Humphreys is now back on the John Rex Board and scheduled to serve through 2019.

We believe that:

Mr. Humphreys has become a liability to our school and should resign, or be removed from the John Rex board by the required 2/3 majority vote.

This crisis has revealed structural issues that the board needs to address, namely:

  1. OKC Quality Schools, Inc., must be more transparent, with a list of their board members made public, and accessible to our parent community, and
  2. New policies should be implemented to insure that crises like this can be swiftly resolved in the future.

As stakeholders, your voice matters. Together we have a responsibility to make the school the best it can be, not only for the benefit of our own kids, but also because John Rex is a model for the future of public education in Oklahoma.

Please read the page of this website about the John Rex School Board (see The Board), then contact them to let them know what you think about the reappointment of Kirk Humphreys and our proposed policy changes (see Policy).

Also please sign a petition for the resignation of Kirk Humphreys from the John Rex School Board here.